Nirav Modi to be brought back to India. Extradition cleared by the UK Govt.

Priti Patel (UK’s home secretary) on Friday approved the extradition of scam-accused billionaire Nirav Modi to India; in connection to PNB (Punjab National Bank) scam case. Earlier in February it was reported that Nirav Modi can be extradited as “he does have a case to answer before Indian Court.” said the London Court.

Despite having an option of legally challenging the extradition within 28 days before the UK High Court, Nirav Modi is still a step closer to being extradited back to India. As it was seen in the case of Vijay Mallya’s extradition in 2019 it may take months or even years for the remaining legal procedures before the final step.
Firstly, the UK Westminster court had allowed the extradition plea and further sent the case to the Home Secretary.

Once a big celebrity Jeweler, Nirav Modi is wanted by the Indian court for major fraud and money laundering for the infamous 14000cr. PNB (Punjab National Bank) scam case.

Earlier the UK court dismissed Nirav’s arguments such as mental health issues due to pandemic, poor prison conditions in India etc. against the extradition.

Currently, Nirav Modi has been lodged in a UK prison since his arrest in march 2019 and has been denied bail repeatedly due to severe risk involved.

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