Delhi Lockdown? Migrant Workers starts leaving the Capital amid second lockdown fear.

India is going through the worst Covid-19 wave so far. India is reporting around 1lakh+ cases for more than a week now and previous records are being broken with each day. India has already surpassed Brazil as the second most affected country due to covid behind USA. Worst hit state Maharashtra has already locked-down with majority other states already having night curfews and other restrictions imposed.

Such impositions throughtout the country have created a chaos among the worst hit part of the society due to covid i.e. Labourers. Last year the sudden pan-India lockdown hit the migrant workers straight down the spine. They were left helpless, jobless, broke and nowhere to go or stay hence we witnessed a mass migration of them back to their states with majority of them returnimg to UP and Bihar.

Amid such a delicate looking situation that India is going through, Lockdown fear is prevailing again. With Maharashtra witnessing overwhelming response for their trains/buses towards UP and Bihar; others states have also started witnessing such trends. Migrant workers are again being haunted by the lockdown fears and are leaving or planing to leave for their home states.

The situation is grim and it’s nearly impossible to say what will happen next.

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