#BoycottCeat trends on twitter. Find out why.

Kumbh Mela is going on and as expected it is a worrisome situation out there. Lakhs of devotees are gathered and Covid norms are being broken left, right & center. With 1000+ cases detected in Haridwar over a period of 3days and random testing resulting in Covid positive cases throughout the mela is alarming. Kumbh Mela pictures are getting viral and people are reacting to it as well. According to an estimate almost 13.5lakh people took a dip on the 3rd day of Shah Snan and it posed such a situation that police had to intervene and clear the areas.

Harsh Goenka, chaiman of RPG group reacted to it on twitter and shared a picture of the Sadhus with a caption “Meanwhile at the Kumbh Mela the international press is appalled at how low we wear our masks”, which was found to be a ‘below the belt’ humour for most.

He deleted the tweet later. But as it is said things on the Internet remains forever. People bashed him brutally over twitter and #BoycottCeat became trending for hurting the Hindu sentiments.

While some people took it in a good humour and supported his view point on the alarming situation that such events are posing as of now.

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