With 3.32lakhs, India breaks its own record of biggest covid spike in the World.

On thursday, India for a second consecutive day recorded more than 3 lakhs cases with 3.32lakhs Covid positive reports, beating it’s own world record of the biggest spike of 3.14Lakhs cases in a single day. The death toll stood at 2263 which itself is an alarming rise amid the surge when there acute shortage of oxygen, hospital beds & medicines throughout the country.

India is now only second to USA in total number of covid cases beating Brazil which is now at the third position.

India is recording more than 2Lakh cases since 15th April 2021. And more than 3Lakh cases for the 2 consecutive days for the first time since start of the pandemic with Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala being the 5 worst hit states. Maharashtra reported 67,013 cases, Uttar Pradesh reported 34,254 cases, Kerala reported 26,995 cases, Delhi reported 26,169 cases & Karnataka reported 25,795 cases which accounts for nearly 55% of the total cases reported in India. The hospitals are over-capacitated and there’s a huge shortage of medical supplies everywhere. Even the cremation grounds and crematoriums are running at full capacities as the dead bodies are piling up in huge numbers. The situation is at it’s worst and we’re looking at a more grimmer times ahead.

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