Uber driver returns a phone back to the woman, 8months after she left it in his taxi.

In a ‘faith in humanity restored’ incidence in UK, an uber Driver returned a woman’s phone back to her 8months after she had left her phone in hi taxi.

Shay Shade, a DJ by profession took an Uber 8 months back and she left her phone in the CAB by mistake. The Driver returned her phone back after 8months.

Since an Uber driver cannot contact or access any rider’s contact details hence it was impossible for him to contact Shay. He kept the phone with him for 8 months, thinking he would meet her again through the Uber booking. And after 8 months she booked a Cab and same driver showed up, and returned her the Phone back.

“I’ve lost things in the past and people have used it or done stuff with it. This is the first time a stranger has done something like this, he didn’t have to, I just thought “wow, you’re such a nice human being”.

‘It made my day. I was so shocked and emotional, because that phone meant so much to me. I have so many memories on that phone. It felt like such a relief to get it back. I just thought “this is a crazy miracle”.’ the Woman said in her social media post.

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