Singapore becomes the safest country to-be-in during Covid-19. India ranks 30th among 53 countries.

The Covid crisis hit china in 2019 and spread across the world by 2020. With persistent restrictions, lockdowns and a mass vaccines rollout in 2021 helped in stabilizing the spread for some countries like China, Israel, Russia etc. while some are still battling the virus like India, Brazil etc. On the other hand there are countries like Australia, Singapore, New Zealand & Taiwan which have had strict border and travel restriction from the starting and have successfully provided their countries support in order to have a life like ‘before the pandemic’.

According Bloomberg’s Covid resilience rankings, Singpore has now beaten New Zealand as to gain the #1 sport in safest country to-be-in during the Covid-19 on the bases of how safe they’re from the virus. “A combination of nailing the virus and rolling out vaccines at one of the fastest rates in Asia saw Singapore top Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking this month, dethroning New Zealand for the first time in our measure of the best and worst places to be in the pandemic era,” read the report.

Singapore has now zero or near zero locally transmitted cases of Covid-19 and has jabbed almost 1/5th of its population with the covid vaccine. It’s comparable to and better than same measures taken by other countries likes New Zealand, Taiwan & Australia.

“The top three- Singapore, New Zealand and Australia are able to provide a pre-pandemic quality of life for their populations, with the exception of international travel, which is basically shut down to prevent the virus from slipping back in,” report claims.

India ranks 30th while Argentina, Poland & Brazil ranks the lowest among the 53 countries.

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