Russian streamer who killed his girlfriend by locking her in cold on a livestream, gets sentenced for 6 years.

A Russian online-streamer Stanislav Reshetnyak who goes by the name Stas Reeflay was sentenced to 6 years in prison on the charges of Manslaughter, after he appeared forcing his girlfriend outside in the cold, who later died due to hypothermia, The Moscow Times Reported.

During the livestream in 2020, Reshetnyak was seen criticising, abusing his girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva with slurs like “prostitute”, “smelly” etc. And during the stream he locked her outside of the balcony in the cold at subzero temperature, while she was wearing only innerwears. He let her back in after a while, where she appeared to be dead already and a viewer called the emergency upon seeing this.

Initially, this was reported as she died from hypothermia but an autopsy report later revealed her to die of head injuries. The streamer later testified that he used to beat her regularly and hit on her head several times. While, his parents claimed he would never do such a thing and he is very kind.

The Russian court found the streamer guilty of Manslaughter and sentenced him for 6 years imprisonment.

The ‘trash live-stream’ is a viral trend all-over in Russia with authorities having a hard time tackling these trends.

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