Number of poors in India doubled in an year – research.

The continuous lockdown and restrictions throughout the country due to Covid-19 has majorly impacted over its population, economy and livelihood of the people. According to a recent report (Pew’s research) the number of poors in India has grown to 134million in 2021 compared to 60million in 2020. After a span of 45years India has joined a list of countries having collective poverty which is even more scary as India is currently going through its worst phase of the pandemic. The middle class have already shrunk by a third (32million) in a year due to this pandemic drive recession while people below poverty line has doubled. i.e.- people earning less than 150 a day.

Last year in April 2020, UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO) claimed that about 400 million workers from India’s informal sector are likely to be pushed deeper into poverty due to Covid-19 with more than 50% from Uttar Pradesh & Bihar alone.

The Pew’s research suggests that actual figures and conditions may be more worse then they’ve estimated. And had said that the numbers may grow even bigger if the situation keeps deteriorating over the years due the pandemic that is still around and that may comeback even stronger.

– sourced from TheHindu & FinancialExpress.

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