No lockdown in UP – after CM Yogi approaches Supreme court.

Allahabad High Court yesterday imposed lockdown in 5 cities of Uttar Pradesh – Varanasi, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Lucknow & Allahabad in the view of record rise in covid cases throughout the state. UP currently has its medical infrastructure overburdened and is on the verge of reaching it’s saturation point. Amid such surge, the High Court imposed a week long lockdown in the 5 major cities. Against it the CM Yogi led UP govt. reached the supreme court in order to attain a stay order over imposition of the lockdown.

UP government challenged the high court’s order this morning in the supreme court. While the supreme granted the stay order, yet it has asked UP’s government to submit its report containing plans and steps it has taken to tackle the surge over the course of next seven days.

The Uttar Pradesh’s government argued against the high court’s order stating it “not a right approach” and “would create adminstrative difficulties”.

” I agree with the high court’s concern but several steps have been taken to control the situation” said Mehta, a representative of the UP government.

It remains to be seen how the government handles the situation after UP sees it’s biggest spike in covid cases a day before yesterday.

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