Kannada actor Shanaya Katwe arrested for murdering her own brother.

Shanaya Katwe, a Kannada actor was arrested along with her boyfriends by the police on account of murdering her own brother. The couple slashed the body parts and throwed them away at different places all over the city.

According to the police in a cold blooded pre-planned murder, actress Shanaya along with her boyfriend and a few other men, killed her own brother Rakesh Katwe. They chopped off his body and threw his body parts at different locations in the city. The mutilated head was found in Devaragudihal forest and other parts were spread across Gadag road and other parts of Hubbali.

The police Hubbali rural police investigated, after which 4 suspects who have been identified as Niyazahemed Katigar, Tousif Channapur, Altaf Mulla, and Aman Giraniwale. They all along with Shanaya Katwe were arrested by the police.

According to the police the gruesome murder links to a love affair. Shanaya Katwe was in affair with the other accussed Niyazahemed which Rakesh Katwe oppossed and which led to planning of his murder. Rakesh Katwe was murdered on April 9, at the same house where Shanaya Katwe was present for promotion of her upcoming film.

Shanaya Katwe made her debut in 2018, with the Kannada film Idam Premam Jeevanam and was recently seen in the adult comedy Ondu Ghanteya Kathe.

-sourced from India.com

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