In Gurugram, a man thrashes his neighbours for refering to his pet dog as “kutta” instead of Tommy.

In a rather shocking incident in Haryana’s Gurugram, a man thrashed six of his neighbours after he got angry over the fact that they called his pet dog as a”kutta” instead of calling dog’s name “Tommy”.

The incident took place at Jyoti Park, in Gurgaon’s cybercity. After being frustrated by the dog’s voilent nature, Sudhir (one of the six victim) asked his neighbours to keep their dog chained. This did not sit well with the dog’s owner, he got furious with the suggestion and by the fact of calling his dog “Kutta”.

An argument broke-out in between both, resulting in a brawl between the two families. The visuals can be seen via a video recorded by another resident of the same area, in which Sudhir and his family can be seen beaten up with rods and sticks by the dog’s owner.

After the incident, Sudhir and his family sustained several injuries. While, Sudhir filed a complaint against the dog’s owner in the police station stating he asked to chain the dog because “Tommy” the dog used to run after his kids and even used to bite them and this suggestion of his resulted in a brawl here he and his family suffered several injuries. (Reported IndiaToday)

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