Domino’s India gets hacked, 7yrs of data incl.10lakh card information for sale at 3.4cr. Read More.

The most popular pizza chain in India, Dominos recently faced a data breach that includes a huge private data of around 7 years including that of 250 employees, crores of food order and around 10lakhs of card details that are saved during ordering.

All the data is active on dark web and the hackers have demanded a ransom of 50btc (Bitcoins – a crypto currency) which roughly equals 21crores as of today from Domino’s India in against of not publishing or trading the data. The breach was reported by Sourajeet Majumder, who also revealed the hackers are demading 10,000$ worth Omnicoin escrow (another crypto currency) equals ₹7.5lakh approx. for sharing the sample of the data that include 5GB of numerous files, lists. The hackers have cleared that they aim to build a searchable database via TOR and anyone willing to make a backend for them API will be paid 1000$.

This is the second such database breach to rock the Indians this month. Earlier, mobikwiks data was breached which was at a much larger scale compared to Domino’s. Mobikwik continued to deny any data breach and had to face severe flak from the users and various cybersecurity companies around the world. As of today Domino’s India is yet to comment on the matter but all the evidences showcased are most likely to be true, yet it still remans to be seen what Domino’s has to say about it.

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