Delhi HC asks “Does Gautam Gambhi has a license to deal in Covid-19 drugs?”.

On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court asked how BJP MP Gautam Gambhir is able to distribute covid-19 drugs used in its treatment and able to procure them in large quantities.

“Are these not prescription drugs? How is anybody able to procure large quantities? Is he holding a license to deal in these drugs? Does this not require license or what” asked the Vipin Saghi and Rekha Palli (division bench of justice).

The court also said “we thought it would stop after the report, but it’s still going on” refering to the distribution by Gautam Gambhir through his office.

While commenting over the same Rahul Mehra, a senior advocate and representative of the Delhi Government in court said “it’s highly irresponsible if it’s still happening.”

Earlier, while a hearing in court over shortage of medicines & supplies of covid-19 drugs advocate Rakesh Malhotra told the court that a ‘elected representative’ is distributing ‘FabiFlu’ refering to Gautam Gambhir and his tweets.

He also said “from where he’s getting them?”

Malhotra said before the court ” The issue needs to be addressed. Although, he (Gautam Gambhir) is doing a good job, but when patients from other areas are not getting medicines and patients in East Delhi are getting from him, it’s a problem.”

-sourced from TheIndianExpress

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