Delhi govt. grants ₹5000/each to registered construction workers as a relief.

Delhi govt. led by CM Arvind Kejriwal has decided to grant ₹5000 to each registered construction worker as a relief during the time corona pandemic that caused many to lose their jobs.

The Delhi govt. has disbursed 52.9crores for 1lakh registered construction workers. The workers registered under Delhi building and other construction workers board as well as other workers will be able toh get their ₹5000 relief grant said the Delhi Govt.

Delhi government announced a week long lockdown in Delhi amid record surge in covid cases which cause a stir and chaos among the migrant labourers. Lakhs & lakhs of these workers gathered at bus & railway stations in a bid to get to their hometowns. Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal requested and assured them “We will take care of you, don’t go. It’s just a small lockdown. Main hoon Na”. And living upto his words now the govt has disbursed the grants in order to provide some releif at the times of such hardship.

A total of 2,10,684 construction workers will be granted disbursals under the one time financial assistance scheme. As of now the Delhi government has disbursed ₹52.88 crore to 1,05,750 construction workers and in the more workers will be able to get this relief grants in the coming days said the government.

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