A 14 year old allegedly killed his parents in Bengaluru, detained.

In Bengaluru, A 14 year old boy has been detained by the Police for allegedly killing his mother and father, 34-year old and 41-year old respectively.

Hanumantraya was a watchman at the District Statistical Office, and his wife Honnamma worked as a housekeeper at the same office, bothe were killed and their bodies were found in the washroom.

Their son confessed to killing them both. He killed his father by dropping a boulder on his head while asleep, his mother asleep next to him got injured by this and she died too, confessed the boy.

The boy told police that he and his brother suffered from a skin disorder which looks like burn injuries on their legs ans their father used to abuse, cursed and criticised them for the same.

On thursday when the parents didn’t reach home, their elder son file a missing report in the nearest Peenya police station and hence, this case came into light.

“We were informed that the couple used to sleep inside the office. So, we decided to have a look there before registering a case. We found their bodies inside the washroom. It was clear that they were murdered in the office passage, where they slept and their bodies were later dragged to the washroom,” a police officer said.

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