TikToker accuses a big YouTuber of Sexual Assault. Click to know more.

Justine Paradise (A TikToker) has accussed Jake Paul ( A famous YouTuber) of sexually assaulting her in July 2019. In a 21minute YouTube video titled “TRIGGER WARNING – Jake Paul sexually assaulted me“. Justine describes the whole incident.

She says she met Jake through some friends and often they used to hung out at his home. And says that on July 20, 2019 they kissed consensually which later led to Jake’s room where they danced & continued kissing.Then Jake became more physical and she began pushing him off. She further says she thought that Jake might stop if she pushes him off, and this no consent will make him stop. Thinking it’s quite normal.

According to her after this Paul said ” what’s even the point, if nothing is going to happen”. And then he continued forcing her into performing sexual acts without her consent. “And that’s a No No. Not Okay at all” she said further while stating the whole incident.

While Jake Paul’s attorney Daniel E. said that his client (Jake) categorically denies all the allegation and expressed his disapproval of the whole incident by stating to take a legal action against those trying to defame his character. He also said his client (Jake) believes such false allegations reduces the credibility of the eal victims of such assaults and cases.

It remains to be seen what happens further as the things unfold. The whole social media community is in a state of disbelief and waits for further clarification of this case.

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